Heart disease claims many lives of Australian women

Heart disease claims many lives of Australian women

Great story last night! Fortunately, most patients don’t need open heart surgery and are managed by Cardiologists (as opposed to cardiac surgeons, who become involved in the patient journey when surgery may be required).

Only 14% of Australian cardiologists are women. CVC Cardiovascular Clinics are very fortunate to have FOUR amazing female Cardiologists with different sub-specialities – Advanced Imaging and Testing which includes Echocardiography and Stress Echos, Cardiac Electrophysiology – pacemakers and heart rhythm issues and much more. All of our cardiologists are highly qualified general clinical cardiologists – which means they consult patients from across the entire Cardiology spectrum.

Follow the link to read more: https://7news.com.au/sunday-night/heart-disease-claims-lives-of-more-australian-women-than-breast-cancer-c-438815

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